2024 Breakout Sessions

Best Practices from High Network Advisors for High Net Worth Production

Timothy Maguire – Moderator
President, Mid-Atlantic Complex 
Karr Barth

Eleanor Johnson
Founding Principal & Managing Director
Signature Private Highland Capital Brokerage

Corey Schneider
Sentinel Solutions

Marty Nanne 
Managing Partner

Through a moderated discussion, the focus will be top advisor best practices, sales, and strategies that led to 2023 production along with any interesting stories or observations.

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Leveraging Executive Compensation Benefits as a Referral Source

Stefan Greenberg
Managing Partner
Lenox Advisors

Learn insights on leveraging executive compensation benefits to cultivate a thriving referral network. From the outset of his career, Stefan heeded the advice to excel in a specialized field rather than diluting his efforts across various areas. Focusing his expertise on Disability Insurance, Stefan has served corporate clients seeking to incentivize top talent with Corporate Sponsored Individual Disability Insurance-(Executive Benefits) Policies.

Hear how Stefan’s commitment to niche value adds has not only facilitated the scalability of his organization but also generated warm introductory leads rooted in product expertise. Learn how new agents can seamlessly grow alongside clients as their needs evolve.

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The Annuity Opportunity 

Bobby Samuelson
Life Innovators

No insurance product has benefited more from rising interest rates than annuities, but many financial advisors are still hesitant to use these products as a part of a financial plan. This session will cover the basics of the annuity market, how annuity products have responded to rising interest rates, why annuities can make sense as an alternative to traditional asset strategies and the unique considerations of selecting the right annuities for your clients. 

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Private Equity & The Remaking of Life Insurance 

Bobby Samuelson
Life Innovators

Over the past five years, more than $500 billion in life insurance liabilities have been acquired by insurers and re-insurers backed by institutional asset managers, including private equity firms and credit originators. To some, the transfer spells doom for life insurers and their policyholders. To others, it’s the overdue modernization of a staid industry. As usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle. This session will cover the playbooks used by institutional asset managers and what they mean for insurers, policyholders, and clients. 

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Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation 

Anthony Van Dervort
EVP, Business Development
Karr Barth Administrators, Inc.


Throughout his more than 30 years with Karr Barth, Anthony has held various senior leadership roles and has led major non-qualified deferred comp plan conversions and installations for the firm. Today, he serves as Executive Vice President of Business Development and helps companies adopt innovative executive benefit programs to help recruit, reward, and retain their most critical employees. Uniquely qualified as an expert in all facets of the business, Anthony counsels clients on plan design, funding solutions, administrative processes, and the myriad regulatory, tax, legal, and accounting issues associated with non-qualified plans.

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Planning For Your Loved One with Special Needs: What Every Caregiver Needs to Know

Pat Bergmaier 
Financial Planner
1847 Financial

This workshop provides an overview of government benefit programs as well as strategies for protecting & maximizing eligibility for certain government benefits. We will evaluate the ABLE Act and how it compares to alternative options for setting aside funding for individuals with disabilities.

It will also address important estate planning considerations such as Wills, Special Needs Trusts, and the differences between Guardianship and Powers of Attorney. Strategies will be presented to address funding of special needs trusts, tax planning considerations, and ensuring quality of life and lifetime care are maintained for loved ones.

Lastly, we will cover the added complexity of planning for retirement with a special needs loved one in the picture. We will discuss this “3-Person Retirement” and other financial planning considerations to look at differently when you have a loved one with special needs.

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Fighting Inflation with Rising Retirement Income

Joe Ross
VP, Sales Productivity & Business Development 
Corebridge Financial 

Inflation is one of today’s hottest topics. In this thought-provoking presentation, I’ll show you three scenarios: 

  1. What you normally illustrate;
  2. How you can illustrate rising income… and the pros and cons; and…
  3. The ultimate rising income solution.

This is a must-see presentation for anyone that’s concerned about the impact of inflation during retirement.

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Premium Finance Rescue

Jack Elder
SVP, Advanced Sales
CBS Brokerage

The success of premium financing depends on the positive arbitrage between policy crediting and the cost of capital. For the last ten years, IUL cap rates have trended downward, but most premium financing arrangements performed because lending rates were so low. In the Spring 2022, the Fed raised interest rates to combat inflation. Lower caps and higher rates will undermine premium financing arrangements. In this session, Jack outlines the risks to existing premium financed cases, the need for expert reviews, and alternatives for “rescuing” these cases. Clients need an accurate forecast of their premium financing deals with realistic alternatives so they can make the best decision possible about their coverage.

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LTC State Mandates: Which Domino is Next to Fall? 

Shawn Britt 
Director, Long-term Care Initiatives 
Advanced Consulting Group 

Nationwide Financial

Steve Cain, CLTC
Director, Sales & Business Development
LTCI Partners

The last couple years have seen a focus on which states will follow Washington state and implement some form of publicly funded long-term care program. Please join us for a discussion that will include:

  • Why states find value in these programs
  • Learning from WA Cares Fund
  • Other states considering similar LTC mandates
  • Federal LTC Updates
  • Why Private LTC Insurance? Why now?
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The Foreign National Market: You’re Leaving Money on the Table!

Fabian Gonzalez 
National VP, Multicultural Markets 

In this presentation, we will show you who qualifies as a Foreign National, why they are looking for life insurance in the US, and where you can find them, and what to do once you sit down with them. It doesn’t matter if you are just interested in this market or experienced in this area, this presentation will have something for you.  

Interested in the Foreign National market but not sure what to do or where to go? 

  • In 30 minutes, we will tell you why Foreign Nationals are looking for insurance in the US
  • Where your agents could locate Foreign Nationals
  • Then, what are the next steps are.
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Using Business Valuations to Drive Sales

Ryan Patton
Advanced Sales Senior Consultant
Lincoln Financial Distributors

Business valuations and corresponding buy-sell reviews are designed to educate and motivate business owners to act on items impacting their business and family legacy. Recent case law has impacted the traditional planning many advisors/attorneys/CPAs have been implementing for years, not to mention pandemic changes. Learn how business valuation has changed since the pandemic, tax tips and tricks for business owners, and planning techniques to help your clients achieve their succession, protection, and retirement planning goals.

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BOLI 2024: Changes and Opportunities

Scott Bethune
SVP BOLI Consulting
Newport Group 

Greg Ordoñez

Greg Ordoñez
VP, Executive Benefits Distribution
Protective Life

2023 was a productive and eventful year for the BOLI industry. 2024 looks to bring much of the same with product development, interest rate changes, and recent Treasury regulations. Join us as two long-time industry experts share insights on the changing BOLI landscape and how their practices have approached the market to create successful results. 

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NQDC & COLI: What’s New and the Latest on Employers’ Minds?

Kristi Barens
Co-Founder & Principal
Mullin, Barens, Sanford 

Clay Kennedy 
VP, Insurance & Nonqualified Retirement
Plan Sales 
Newport Group

Rebecca Moore
Managing Editor

Join us for this informative session to learn about the trends and the latest survey results from the NQDC and COLI marketplace.  

Hear insights and analysis from NQDC and COLI industry experts with additional commentary from PLANSPONSOR magazine.  

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PPLI Marketplace for 2024

Jay Judas – Moderator
Life Insurance Strategies Group

Jerry Hester, II
Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO Verve International 
Principal Owner at Hester Insurance Group LLC 

Frank Seneco
Seneco Global Advisors Inc.

Zach Specht 
Managing Director, Client Relationship Manager
Winged Keel Group

PPLI discussion on current trends, product developments, marketplace and the Wyden investigation. 

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Healthcare Options – An Important Piece of the Retirement Planning Puzzle  

Bob Lowery
Product Liaison for Life, Health, and Investment Planning Services
State Farm

Since Medicare will serve as the primary health insurance for many retirees, financial professionals need to know and understand the coverages, and most importantly, the limitations on the coverages that Medicare provides.  For most retirees, figuring out how they are going to cover the costs of what Medicare doesn’t cover, is their priority as they enter retirement. This can be an opportunity or a risk to your practice, depending on if you can assist with this first step, or whether you have to send them to someone else for their healthcare questions.  We all know the risk of sending them to someone else.  This presentation will cover the Medicare basics such as: How Medicare Works, Enrollment Periods, Supplemental Coverage and Prescription Drug options.  We will cover the five major factors that consumers should consider when weighing the pros and cons of choosing either Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage for their supplemental coverage needs. And finally, we will discuss the additional opportunities that can come from helping customers with these very important decisions.  

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Comprehensive Wealth Planning

Scott Prechtel

Financial faith, patience, discipline, asset allocation, diversification, and rebalancing are key factors in helping clients plan for the future. To truly be there for your clients, a holistic planning approach is key to understanding desire and need, along with ability. Using tools like behavioral investment counseling, developing a well-thought-out financial plan, and a practical approach to financial services can breed success! 

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Assault on Estate Planning Trusts

Terri Getman
VP, Advanced Sales
Diversified Brokerage Services

Over the past couple of years, the Biden Administration has proposed significant and far-reaching revisions to trust law.  In addition, the Treasury Department has been asked to revise long-standing positions in published revenue rulings. The proposed changes would limit trust planning techniques available to wealthy individuals to transfer wealth to the next generation. All this is happening at a time when we are faced with the sunset of many tax provisions. This presentation will provide insight into the proposals and discuss what, if anything, our clients can do now.

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