Excellence. As a profession we are committed to attaining excellence and Finseca does so by recognizing those in the life insurance, investment and financial security profession who are achieving excellence.

These individuals have challenged themselves, their colleagues, and the status quo. Which results in leading to transformational change in the profession.

The 2021 Hall of Fame Awards nomination period is now closed.

The Finseca Hall of Fame, Class of 2021!

The Finseca Hall of Fame, Produced by Finseca recognizes all past GAMA Management Hall of Famers for:

  1. Advancing the art and science of agency/firm building.
  1. Advancing the mission and work of the financial security profession.
  1. Enhancing the quality of public and private life.
  1. Promoting professional education in the financial security profession.


  • Burritt B. Anderson, Jr., CLU ChFC
  • Robert H. Baccigalupi, CLU ChFC CLTC CSA
  • John T. Baier, M.S.F.S., CLU ChFC
  • Daralee S. Barbera, ChFC CFP CLF CMFC
  • Conkling Buckley, Jr., CLU ChFC FLMI
  • Luis G. Chiappy, CLU ChFC CFP LUTCF
  • R. Michael Condrey, CLU ChFC CFP
  • Quincy M. Crawford, CLU
  • Edward G. Deutschlander, CLU CLF
  • Louis P. DiCerbo, II, CLU ChFC RFC
  • Howard J. Elias
  • Robert J. Fashano, M.S.F.S., CLU ChFC
  • William W. Fenniman, CLU ChFC
  • George C. Fraser
  • Kenneth G. Gallacher, CLU CLF FSS LUTCF
  • William O. Goodwin, CLU ChFC
  • Harry P. Hoopis, CLU ChFC
  • George W. Karr, Jr., CLU
  • L. Karsten Lundring, CLU ChFC CFP FIC
  • Earl J. Luttner, CLU
  • Richard R. McCloskey, CLU ChFC CFP
  • James G. Morgan, Jr., CLU RHU
  • Peter S. Novak
  • Nathan M. Perlmutter, CLU ChFC
  • William D. Pollakov, CLU ChFC
  • Phillip C. Richards, CLU CFP RHU
  • Mark M. Rooney, CLU ChFC CFP
  • Ronald S. Rosbruch, CLU ChFC
  • Robert C. Savage, CLU ChFC
  • David B. Schulman, CLU ChFC
  • Paul J. Shevlin, Sr., M.S.F.S., CLU ChFC
  • David W. Smith, CLU ChFC LUTCF
  • Maurice L. Stewart, CLU ChFC CLF
  • Wayne C. Swenson
  • William B. Wallace, CLU ChFC
  • Michael R. White, CLU ChFC CLTC

 Excellence Ambassador Advocacy, Class of 2021!

The Finseca Excellence in Ambassador Advocacy, Produced by Finseca recognizes all past AALU Members for:

  1. Advancing the mission and work of the financial security profession with policymakers.
  2. Promoting advocacy education and engagement in the financial security profession.
  3. Encouraging and motivating colleagues to participate in Finseca’s advocacy work.
  4. Exemplifying dedication to the Ambassador Program, advocacy, and the betterment of the profession.

  • Kristi Barens
  • David Byers
  • Christie Corado
  • Kevin Clasen
  • Michael Mingolelli
  • Carl Peterson
  • Kathy Smith