CEO Message

Marc Cadin CEO Message – October 3, 2021

While the news is filled with the twists and turns of the legislative process, including how the pending October 18 deadline on the Debt Ceiling will be resolved (which I’ve begun to have some concerns about), Finseca is focused like a laser on preserving your ability to serve your clients.

Marc Cadin CEO Message – September 26, 2021

This past week, Finseca’s Board of Directors met and discussed a number of current issues relevant not only to our organization but also the profession writ large. A couple of my thoughts and reflections from the meeting are below.

Marc Cadin CEO Message – September 12, 2021

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to sit down with U.S. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Wes Thompson, CEO of M Financial. The timing of our discussion could not have been better as we are drawing very near to seeing what significant tax proposals Congressional Democrats are going to consider in the…

Marc Cadin CEO Message – September 5, 2021

When we set out to reunify the financial security profession, we knew it would take time, patience, and persistence. What we didn’t expect was the overwhelming support we would receive from so many countless founding firms at the outset of our work. I’d like to thank all of these firms who have helped make this…

Marc Cadin CEO Message with Kelly Kidwell – August 22, 2021

We want to reunify the profession, but we know a one size fits all approach will not work! Finseca’s first Chair, Kelly Kidwell, joined me this week to explain how our platform approach will help reunify the profession while still being able to provide tailored benefits to each unique community.