Democracy, above all else

January 6, 2021 – Democracy, on which our great nation is built, allows our citizens to use their voices and challenge our leaders to be better – to do better for their countrymen. Today marks a solemn day for America as we see Capitol Hill, the democratic institution that allows our republic to flourish, plagued with violence.

As a nation, we stand shocked and saddened by the disregard and abuse to our nation’s capital, the beacon of American democracy and free speech. The actions of the intruders today espousing violence to prevent the very democratic processes that allow for their dissent is, in the least, an insult to the freedom that we are afforded and an attack on all that we stand for as a nation.

But all is certainly not lost. There is no light without darkness, and we must come together to uphold the ideals that make America the exceptional nation that it is, and will continue to be.

Finseca was founded on principles of unification, and we unequivocally believe unification is critical to a brighter tomorrow.

Together, we are America. Together, we are Finseca.

Marc Cadin