Women’s Impact Program

The Finseca Women’s Impact Program is a deliberate and thoughtful community built to address the disparity of women working in and serving in leadership roles within the financial security profession. While there are several organizations focusing on advancing women in the financial security profession, Finseca will address the root cause of the issue and provide a platform to activate both the conversations and the actions necessary to truly make a difference.

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The Women’s Impact Program is hosted on the SpotMe digital event platform. Learn more about SpotMe here.

Upcoming events

Women’s Impact Program Webinar: Strike the Match

Topics: Women's Impact Program

May 18 @ 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. ET: “Strike the Match” is not just a catchphrase. It’s a call to action for every woman and man in insurance and financial services to ‘be the change they want to see,’ and to go the distance to effect real and longstanding change in the workplace. Strike…

Program Components

Participate in interactive workshops and supplemental webinars that cover topics such as relationships, communication, resilience, mentorship, buying power, and more. Workshops and webinars will be led by a combination of thought leaders from both within and outside the financial security profession.

Access articles, interviews, and Dear Abby format Q&A sessions to your highest priority questions. Read as prep work for an upcoming workshop or webinar and share with other women in the financial security profession.

Follow Finseca on social and stay connected to the Finseca Women’s Impact program with regular posts on interviews with women from the financial security profession. Join in on the conversation with #FinsecaWomen and #WomenMakingAnImpact hashtags.

Participate in live, digital Let’s Chat networking sessions lead by women serving on the Finseca Board of Directors. Engage in practical discussions on how to successfully mentor, promote, and empower women leaders.

Being part of a community creates comradery, amplifies impact, and is a place for shared fun. Our mission is serious but we can still have fun working as a group to create a positive impact on diversity and inclusion in the financial security profession.

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The Women’s Impact Program is hosted on the SpotMe digital event platform. Learn more about SpotMe here.