Finseca Congratulates Forbes/SHOOK ’22 Top Financial Security Professionals

Finseca and NAIFA work together to address unnecessary burdens placed on the professionals dedicated to providing financial security for millions of Americans 

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 15, 2022) – The following joint statement from Finseca and NAIFA was issued today regarding the National Conference of Insurance Legislators’ (NCOIL) advancement of a resolution regarding Recruitment, Retention, and Diversity within the Life Insurance Agent Profession.

“Helping more Americans achieve financial security starts with a financial plan and having access to a financial security professional,” said Melissa Bova, Vice President of State Affairs for Finseca. “NCOIL’s work today, coupled with the strong partnership we share with the American Council of Life Insurers(ACLI), NAIFA, and others on this issue, is a great step in alleviating unnecessary obstacles to the recruitment and retention of financial security professionals. We applaud the leadership on this important issue and look forward to finding additional ways to ensure millions more Americans have financial security for themselves and their families.”

“NAIFA’s work through NCOIL and its partners bolsters our collective ability to bring more diversity into the financial services community,” stated Maeghan Gale, Policy Director of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. “We fully support NCOIL’s resolution and are proud to join forces to eliminate obstacles for financial security professionals in their work to protect Main Street Americans.”

“Since its founding in 1969, NCOIL has remained committed to pursuing state policy that helps preserve the state based system of insurance regulation. Helping promote the insurance profession goes hand in hand with that commitment,” said Tom Considine, CEO of NCOIL. “After all, there is no stronger consumer protection than guaranteeing a solvent company at the time of the claim.”

“I’m very grateful to be advancing this initiative today – it reflects my commitment and the commitment of NCOIL writ large to pursue more opportunities to increase diversity within the financial security profession,” says Pam Hunter, Assemblywoman (NY) and lead sponsor of the resolution. “It’s my hope that today is just step one in a lengthy process to drive better recruitment, retention, and diversity within the life insurance profession, given how important life insurance professionals are to countless Americans.”

Notably, life insurance and financial planning have historically played a critical role as one of the primary avenues for American families to obtain financial security and share it with future generations. Removing unnecessary barriers to the profession allows more Americans the opportunity to engage with the best financial security professionals in the nation to ensure they have a plan that works for them.

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