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Finseca NY Strengthens Financial Security Advocacy Commitment with New Board of Directors

Newly Formed Board to Oversee Finseca NY’s Advocacy Programs, Align Efforts with National Agenda to Drive Meaningful Change for Financial Security Professionals

WASHINGTON, D.C. – October 22, 2020 – Finseca NY announced today a new independent Board of Directors to lead Finseca’s state advocacy program and advance the financial security profession in the New York market. The announcement follows the formation of Finseca NY as part of the newly launched trade association’s commitment to work to unify the financial security profession and start a new national conversation about money.

Finseca, which was born from the merger of AALU and GAMA this September, has a strong legacy of federal advocacy and this partnership represents a commitment to reinforce the effectiveness of their federal strategies by advancing state-level policies and regulations that allow the planning and insurance professions to more effectively serve their clients’ needs.

“Finseca’s mission is to unify the financial security profession, because we believe that bringing people together to work toward common goals is the most impactful way of driving real, meaningful change,” said Kelly Kidwell, Chair of the Finseca Board of Directors. “The partnership that created Finseca NY builds on our strong legacy of federal advocacy and represents a new model for success across the country as we take the fight to state capitols. The truth is, no state exists independently, and the issues that impact the financial security profession in one can create roadblocks to success elsewhere. During these unprecedented times, we need to bring people together and stop working independently of one another. We are excited to come together and meet the challenges of the future. I look forward to working with this newly formed Board of the best and brightest in New York to create the change we all seek.”

Finseca NY will focus on tackling regulatory uncertainties in the market and begin to fill in the gaps between local and federal advocacy agendas. The organization will focus on developing an agenda to advance public understanding of the work of the more than 200,000 registered financial security professionals in the state.

“We are excited to join Finseca and work together to unify and elevate our profession,” commented Phillip Held, President of Finseca NY Board. “Coming together, working together, is something I believe we all need to do as a profession and in order to most effectively guide the consumers we serve. I am proud of the Board we have assembled. These professionals represent the best of our profession, and I am excited to work with them as they donate their time and talent to this incredibly important effort. Each of them is a significant player in the financial security profession in New York, and their alignment with our organization is a win for the professional overall.”

The members of the Finseca NY board, and their professional affiliations, are:

  • Chairman and Director Phillip Held, MassMutual
  • Director Michael Book*, MassMutual
  • Director Donald Damick, Retired
  • Director Chris Gibbons, Northwestern Mutual
  • Director John Hobika, Advisors Insurance Brokers
  • Director Michael Kane*, Penn Mutual
  • Director Joshua Lauer, MassMutual
  • Director Jason Lurie, Guardian
  • Director Neal Miller, Independent Agent
  • Director Kevin Mulqueen, New York Life
  • Director David Perlmutter*, Guardian
  • Director Stephanie Rivas*, Prudential
  • Director Adam Seiden*, Northwestern Mutual
  • Director Thomas Wade, Guardian

* Newly appointed member of the board who joins members of the legacy NAIFA NYS board


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