Forum 400 Finseca merger Kelly's message


Finseca Members – I am excited to announce to you today that the Board of Directors from both the Forum 400 and Finseca have voted in favor of exploring a merger. These votes are a byproduct of an extensive due diligence process that took place among a task force that included the current President & several past Presidents of the Forum 400 as well as leadership from Finseca.

I would like to thank in a particular way the President of the Forum 400, Vince D’Addona, who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and grace throughout this process.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Forum 400, they are an elite life insurance producer community. You must qualify to be eligible to join. They have a highly collaborative spirit, and their members rank the professional development and networking they receive to be the best in the industry.

We believe the Forum 400 and Finseca coming together will create a stronger community where the highest-performing life insurance advisors join the home of the top financial security professionals.

The next step in our due diligence process is to have the benefit of your perspective. So, we have planned a virtual listening tour for the following dates:
• July 27th at 11 AM EST
• September 9th at 2:30 PM EST

In the meantime, we have prepared some answers to your possible questions. Please find an FAQ document attached.

In closing, let me just add that I am honored to have been a contributor in this work, including recently finishing my role as Finseca’s first Chair. I have given my time not only because of the blessings our profession has provided me, but also because of what we do for our clients. I believe now more than ever that we must come together. There is far more that unites us as a profession than divides us.

Rest assured, Finseca will continue our efforts to reunify our profession so that we better serve our noble cause of advancing financial security for all!

Thank you all for your support and engagement!

Kelly Kidwell
Immediate-Past Finseca Chair