Leadership solutions
that generate financial
security for all

Foundation data will
be used to improve and
reshape consumer opinion

Foundation research
will be used to create
lifetime-learning situations

Foundation resources
will elevate both leaders
and advisors

The GAMA Foundation is now the Finseca Foundation!

The Finseca Foundation sets the standard for collaboration and initiatives in the name of inclusivity, education, and community-building. It is also a resource to the profession and equips both Finseca members and financial security professionals with the tools, research, and skills needed to better serve clients in an ever-changing market. The Foundation provides leadership solutions designed for advisors, agents, managers, individuals, families, businesses.

By contributing to the Foundation, you help expand financial empowerment, attract the next generation of talent and diversity to our profession, and make a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

The Foundation's Strategic Initiatives

Provide valuable research

Conduct and provide research to help financial security professionals better serve the needs of American consumers seeking to achieve financial security.

Empower consumers

Provide resources for Americans to become more financially empowered consumers of financial products and services.

Attract new talent

Advance and champion the next generation of financial security professionals by identifying top talent from diverse communities.

Elevate 2021
Foundation Golf Tournament

Join us to celebrate the Finseca Foundation Golf Tournament at Bali Hai Golf Club, Las Vegas, NV.

Playing a round at Bali Hai is more than a collection of par 3s, 4s, and 5s over a meticulously maintained course—it is a total transition from today’s hectic pace of daily life to a tropical oasis. We are hopeful you can join us for what is sure to be a great day of golf with old friends, unique experiences, and relationship building.

*Please note separate registration for this event is required, register here

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Your support is critical 

Armed with the data and insights provided by the Finseca Foundation, the profession will make impactful change. As a profession, we will move the dial on things we have been talking about for a decade. As a result:

  • Our profession will get better because agents and advisors are better equipped.
  • Our managers will build and grow better businesses.
  • More people will want to join the profession, and recruitment will increase.
  • Most importantly, we will create more financial security for more people.

When you support the Foundation, you support financial empowerment, security, and equality for all.

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Executive Committee


John Bucsek


Ed Deutschlander

Immediate Past Chair

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Paul Vignone



Sam Terrazzino

Vice Treasurer



Ryan Beck


Davin Bell



Bruce Davison


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Professional Staff

Monica DeTota

Director of Fundraising & Advancement