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Finseca Connect

Finseca Connect is digital community platform that gives Finseca members year-round access to exclusive programming for the financial security profession. Finseca Connect will bring education in the form of webinars, conference programming, and networking opportunities.

Access Finseca Connect

Finseca Connect is hosted on the SpotMe digital event platform. Learn more about SpotMe here.

If you are experiencing technical issues with your Finseca Connect account, please reach out to our platform provider using this link.

How to access Finseca Connect

  1. Click here or below to access Finseca Connect.
  2. Tap on “Get started” and then click on “Email Me the Magic Link”.
  3. Type in your registered email address and check the privacy policy check boxes.
  4. Hit continue.
  5. Check the inbox of the email address you provided – you will receive an email with the subject “Activate EventSpace”, which includes a link to activate your account and login.
**Haven’t received your activation email or need help? Please email [email protected].

Tips and tricks to get the most from Finseca Connect

Clicking the Star icon on events within the platform will save them to your Bookmarks folder in the side menu. Visit your Bookmarks to find a quick link back to these events

After navigating to a specific Finseca Connect event, select the “Save” button in the menu to add to your preferred calendar tool.

You can see upcoming events in your Agendalocated in the top and side menus of Finseca Connect. The agenda will open to the date of the next available session. If the event is currently in session, click it to open the video stream and join. In the agenda, you can also quickly find upcoming sessions by topic. Select Let’s ChatWebinars, or You Ask, We Answer in the right-hand side agenda menu to sort.

Attendees will appear under Participants in the side menu. Once you click on a participant’s profile you can:

  1. Request to connect with them – Accepting a connection will allow both participants to see the information entered in their profiles.
  2. Make a note on this person – This is private and will live in the Notes tab in the side menu.
  3. Send them a message – After connecting, start the conversation by sending them a direct message. You can even create a group chat by adding other participants. Your messages will live in Chats in the left-hand side menu. Be on the lookout for notifications whenever a connection responds.
  4. Save their contact info – After your connection request is accepted, you will be able to save their contact information to your phone or computer.

Edit your profile by clicking your name in the top right corner. Enter as much or as little as you’d like – you can always go back and change this! You can even connect your LinkedIn profile by copying and pasting your profile url in the space provided. These profile details will only be shared with attendees you ”connect” with. Don’t forget to scroll and click save at the bottom if you make changes!

You can take notes by selecting the Notes option in the side menu, or by using the note icon throughout the platform, located in a persons profile, next to speakers and sponsors, and within a session.

Another way to connect with your peers is by using the Chat tool in the menu, as well as within a participant’s profile. Select the pencil in the top right corner to compose a new message. Here you can add the names of one or more participants that you would like to chat with.

Finseca Connect is hosted on the SpotMe digital event platform. Learn more about SpotMe here.


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Together, we elevate our profession by serving the needs of our members. We protect dreams and promote financial wellbeing for all. We are the home of the top financial security professionals. Together, we are Finseca.


Finseca events put insight and intentionality front and center, helping financial security professionals protect and enhance the financial well-being of people, families, and businesses everywhere.


As the home of the top financial security professionals, Finseca will elevate the reputation and visibility of the work our members do.


Access searchable content in one place! It has never been easier to find what you need to accelerate your business and maximize results. From deeper dives into diverse topics on policy and regulation, to one-pagers and webinars featuring experienced industry leaders, the Finseca Resource Library is your one-stop shop for quick and actionable tools.


Finseca’s Communities are designed to help meet the needs of each unique community within the financial security profession. Our model brings the profession together for issues that impact everyone, while also providing a customized, community-focused structure for discussion and collaboration in a more intimate setting for different areas of the profession.