Diversity Scholars

Finseca Diversity Scholars, a Finseca Impact Program, is a year-long program consisting of 3-month cycles. Each cycle, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from inspiring speakers, engage in tailor-made professional development, and build connections with your cohort and some of the best and brightest in the financial security profession.

Who are Finseca Diversity Scholars?

Diversity Scholars are financial security professionals nominated by their sponsoring companies. Diversity Scholars either identify with or serve segments of our society that are historically underserved by the profession. The Finseca community hopes this once-in-a-career opportunity will equip scholars to advocate for themselves and their clients, accelerate their professional development, and elevate the noble work financial security professionals do every day.

Mark your calendar

Cycle 1: October 2020 – December 2020

Theme: Advocate

Learn how to get yourself into the room where it happens to ensure our lawmakers understand the invaluable work you do to help warrant the financial security of individuals, families, and businesses in your community.

  • October – Get Inspired: Diversity Scholar Program Kick-off
  • November 18 – Learn and Act: Tell your story, build your business
  • December 9 – Coffee Connections: Meet and greet with Finseca Ambassadors

Cycle 2: January 2021 – March 2021

Theme: Accelerate

In today’s climate, if you’re not growing, your business is dying. Focus on your professional development and get the support needed to meet your personal and professional development goals.

  • January 13 – Get Inspired: Invest in yourself
  • February 17 – Learn and Act: TBD
  • March 10 – Coffee Connections: Meet and greet with Finseca veteran members

Cycle 3: April 2021 – June 202

Theme: Elevate

Helping individuals, families, and businesses achieve financial security is an invaluable community service. Learn how to elevate the noble work you do in your community.

  • April 14 – Get Inspired: TBD
  • May 19 – Learn and Act: TBD
  • June 9 – Coffee Connections: Meet and greet with Finseca Foundation

Cycle 4: July 2021

Theme: Celebrate

Join your peers and mentors for one final gathering before matriculating into the alumni program.

  • July 14: Celebration

The Finseca Diversity Scholars Program is sponsored by:

Northwesten Mutual
Penn Mutual

“We will only achieve financial security for all when our profession is reflective of all the people we serve. ”

– Bonnie Godsman
President, Finseca Foundation