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Founded in 2020, Finseca (Financial Security for All) is the home of the top financial security professionals. Achieving financial security means improving people’s lives, protecting their livelihoods, and enhancing their future wellbeing. Our members are the only professionals that can guarantee this.

Finseca is the only member-driven community:
  1. Providing exclusive access to the brightest minds in the profession,
  2. Serving as a credible source for the profession, and
  3. Shaping the future of it.

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Finseca Focus Magazine Subscription

  • Our bi-monthly magazine provides expert insights and thought leadership to help financial security professionals understand what is driving consumer choice and where the profession is going.
    *Pro members have access to a digital subscription

On-Demand Resourced Library 

  • This searchable, on-demand library is filled with insights and analysis, webinars, one-pagers, and white papers. This is your database for quick and actionable tools you’ll need personally and professionally.

Tax, Regulatory, and Compliance Resources

  • Finseca is based in Washington, so you don’t have to be. Our tax, regulatory, and legislative experts provide members with breaking news alerts, long-term strategic insights, and in-depth analysis on the most critical issues impacting your business and clients.

Finseca Members-Only Engagement Platform

  • Finseca’s digital platform is your one-stop shop for education materials, insights, programming, and networking opportunities.

Leadership and Career Development Network and Resources

  • Finseca’s digital platform is a one-stop shop for career leaders where they can enjoy courses, master classes, and a community that will help them attract, recruit, and retain the best financial security professionals.

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(Benefits specifically for elite, advanced markets advisors)

All Pro Member Benefits, PLUS:

Advanced Markets Resource

  • Access to vital business insights in estate planning, COLI/BOLI, and executive compensation, amount other business uses of life insurance.
  • Finseca Report Marketplace (formerly the Washington Report Marketplace): Important marketplace trends to share with your trusted advisors and COIs
  • Finseca Advanced Markets Insights: A peek into ideas and strategies from fellow Finseca members
  • Finseca Policy Forecast: This toll helps members cut through the noise coming out of Washington, D.C. so they can better understand which policy proposals are likely to move forward

Advanced Markets Resource

  • Free Access to Finseca’s Advanced Markets Summit
  • Exclusive member-only calls
  • Dedicated COI calls
  • Key CE credit opportunities

Finseca event discounts, including Elevate (formerly, LAMP/AALU annual meetings)


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A personalized member experience

Expand your network
  • Exchange strategic insights and grow your career with the best and brightest in the profession
  • Attend Finseca annual meetings
  • Let’s Chats, You Ask, We Answer, and member-only calls
Leadership & professional development
  • 6 AM daily news brief delivered to your inbox
  • Weekly newsletters & monthly webinars on practice management, tax insights, and key market trends
  • Exclusive access to courses and master classes, as well as marketing pieces to share directly with your clients and COIs
Recognition opportunities
  • Finseca Impact Awards
  • Forbes-SHOOK Financial Security Professional Rankings
  • Thought leadership speaking opportunities
Increase your
  • Advocate on behalf of the profession by becoming an Ambassador
  • Join the Finseca Foundation to drive greater inclusivity, education, and community-building
  • Elevate the profession by promoting the noble work our members do
90% of Finseca members believe their membership has benefited their business.
80% of Finseca members believe their membership has benefited their career. 

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Finseca represents the entire profession

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Finseca Membership Team

Claire Etheridge

Manager, Member Success

Anna Murphy

Coordinator, Membership and Engagement

Finseca’s mission is to advocate for the financial security profession, develop and grow its leaders, and promote the noble and necessary work our members do to provide financial and retirement security for the individuals, families, and businesses they serve.