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Our Organization Stands for Financial Security for All.

Our members help our purpose come to life. With more than 9,000 members, Finseca represents and serves the entire financial security profession, regardless of role, marketplace, or experience. Finseca members provide life insurance and retirement planning solutions that protect the dreams and promote the prosperity of the American people.

Why Join the Movement?

Founded in 2020, Finseca is the home of the top financial security professionals. Achieving financial security means improving people’s lives, protecting their livelihoods, and enhancing their future wellbeing. Our members are the only professionals that can guarantee this.

Finseca members have access to the tools, support, and network needed to grow your business. Together we will elevate the profession, accelerate your business, and advocate for effective policy.

Key Benefits to Personalized Membership Experience

Tax, Regulatory & Compliance Engagement

Attend in-person and online events covering industry innovations and time-sensitive key updates Join in on member-only calls to stay up to date on cutting edge insights and impacts from changes in tax laws, regulations and compliance.

Network & Expand
Your Relationships

Access an opportunity to exchange strategic insights and grow your career with the best and brightest in the profession. Participate in the community platform to establish camaraderie, build your network, and learn from the most advanced producers and innovative leaders in the profession.

Leadership & Professional

View exclusive access to a growing resource library, on-demand courses, and marketing pieces to share directly with clients and COIs. Receive weekly newsletters & monthly webinars on practice management, tax insights, and key market trends.

Increase Your

Unveil opportunities for industry recognition and to receive Finseca Impact awards. Drive greater inclusivity, education, and community-building. Exclusive early-bird invitation discounts to Finseca annual meetings.

Finseca is the only member-driven community:

1. Providing exclusive access to the brightest minds in the profession
2. Serving as a credible source for the profession
3. And shaping the future of it

$500 per year

Finseca Focus Magazine Subscription

Our bi-monthly magazine provides expert insights and thought leadership to help financial security professionals understand what is driving consumer choice and where the profession is going.
*Pro members have access to a digital subscription

On-Demand Resource Library

This searchable, on-demand library is filled with insights and analysis, webinars, one-pagers, and white papers. This is your database for quick and actionable tools you’ll need personally and professionally.

Tax, Regulatory, and Compliance Resources

Finseca is based in Washington, so you don’t have to be. Our tax, regulatory, and legislative experts provide members with breaking news alerts, long-term strategic insights, and in-depth analysis on the most critical issues impacting your business and clients.

Finseca Members-Only Engagement Platform

Finseca’s digital platform is your one-stop shop for education materials, insights, programming, and networking opportunities.

Leadership and Career Development Network and Resources

Finseca’s digital platform is for career leaders where they can enjoy courses, master classes, and a community that will help them attract, recruit, and retain the best financial security professionals.

Finseca event discounts 

$1,500 per year

Benefits specifically for elite, advanced markets advisors

All Pro Member Benefits, PLUS:

Advanced Markets Resources

Access to vital business insights in estate planning, COLI/BOLI, executive compensation, and other business uses of life insurance.

The Washington Report Marketplace: Important marketplace trends to share with your trusted advisors and COIs.

Finseca Advanced Markets Insights: A peek into ideas and strategies from fellow Finseca members.

Essentials of Estate Planning course

Advanced Markets Study Group Sprint

Advanced Markets Community

Exclusive Member Access

Member-only calls

Dedicated COI calls

Finseca dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for U.S. federal income tax purposes, but they may be deductible as a business expense. Finseca estimates that 25 percent of your dues are not deductible because of Finseca’s lobbying activities on behalf of its members.


Become a Founding Member!

Founders are more than just the backbone of our organization. They are the leaders who have stepped up to unify our profession and ensure financial security for all. By providing the intellectual and financial capital necessary to design and develop Finseca, Finseca Founders are ensuring that we have a lasting impact on the world around us.

We are forever grateful for your support.


Access website resources and articles.

My Finseca

Access communities and learning environments.


Together, we elevate our profession by serving the needs of our members. We protect dreams and promote financial wellbeing for all. We are the home of the top financial security professionals. Together, we are Finseca.


Finseca events put insight and intentionality front and center, helping financial security professionals protect and enhance the financial well-being of people, families, and businesses everywhere.


As the home of the top financial security professionals, Finseca will elevate the reputation and visibility of the work our members do.


Access searchable content in one place! It has never been easier to find what you need to accelerate your business and maximize results. From deeper dives into diverse topics on policy and regulation, to one-pagers and webinars featuring experienced industry leaders, the Finseca Resource Library is your one-stop shop for quick and actionable tools.


Finseca’s Communities are designed to help meet the needs of each unique community within the financial security profession. Our model brings the profession together for issues that impact everyone, while also providing a customized, community-focused structure for discussion and collaboration in a more intimate setting for different areas of the profession.