These webinars feature top industry experts providing critical information on developments in a variety of key markets. These webinars include veteran members providing practical tips for successfully navigating implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Annual Meeting workshop speakers building off their presentations, and critical regulatory updates from counsel.

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Finseca Policy Live – Implications of the Georgia Senate race and unified control of government by Democrat

Finseca Policy Live brings you live inside insights from Finseca’s politics and policy experts, highlighting what’s most important for financial security professionals. In this edition, hear from the experts the implications of the Georgia Senate race and unified control of government by Democrats. During this 60 minute webinar, we cover: Unified Control of Government: Implications…

You Ask, We Answer: Breaking into estate planning – the relationships you need

Topics: Estate planning

Interested in Estate Planning? Building trusting professional relationships with other members of the estate planning team is key to your success. In this webinar, estate planning masters Carl Peterson and Ken Samuelson, two contributors to the recently released Finseca Master Class in Estate Planning, answer members’ questions on anything and everything about specializing in estate…