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Budget Chairman Bernie Sanders holds hearing on “rigged” tax code – preview of infrastructure offsets?

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Josh Caron Finseca VP Legislative Affairs 4.6.21 The Senate Banking Committee, chaired by Independent Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), convened a hearing on March 25th to hear from witnesses concerning the “rigged tax code and making the wealthiest people and largest corporations pay their fair share of taxes”. Speaking at the hearing were Abigail Disney (Level…

An Honest Look at Saving Taxes by Relocating from California or New York

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Market Trend: Individuals and businesses in high tax jurisdictions have been expressing unprecedented interest in relocating to states with more manageable tax regimes. This is especially the case with business owners looking to sell their businesses. But whether this trend rises to the level of an “exodus”—as many characterize it—is up for debate. The impetus...

You Ask We Answer: What tax policies will pass in 2021?

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President Biden ran on ambitious proposals that would undoubtably touch estate planning professionals and ultimately their clients. But a proposal is not law. What were those campaign proposals and what might ultimately become law? Listen to Finseca’s policy experts Armstrong Robinson and Josh Caron with your questions and get answers.