Katherine Knight Patterson

Vice President of Communications

Bucket List:
My goal is to make a difference in the lives of others (and travel the world!)

Name a person with whom you most would want to have dinner:
I would dine with my late grandparents, any of the Founding Fathers, Queen Elizabeth, Walt Disney, and Amelia Earhart

My first job was in the mailroom of my home state Senator Saxby Chambliss. I stayed on Capitol Hill for about 6 more years after that as a press secretary, then worked in communications at the U.S. Chamber, now at AALU.

My Life at AALU:
I oversee the communications team, aiming to help grow AALU’s communications operation, reach, and influence.

Office: (703) 641-8142

Hometown: Rome, Georgia

Education: University of Georgia followed by a Master’s from Georgetown University

Family: My husband Will and I live on Capitol Hill in D.C. with family all across the southeast