Meghan Wilke

(Re)connect Leader | National Sales and Productivity Director, Mutual of Omaha Advisors

Meghan is head over heels in love with financial services and believes it is up to people like her to take risks and dream big while pursuing relevancy for our future clients. She believes in loyalty, treating candidates like a customer, and that her contribution to providing financial security to the next generation is accomplished through high selection standards. She is proud to be third generation in financial services, spending time as an advisor, recruiter & field leader, and currently an advocate for change at Mutual of Omaha Advisors in the home office. Meghan and her husband live just outside of Omaha with their two beautiful daughters, Reese and Macy and their son Thor. She has served on GAMA Committees or Taskforces from 2010-2018 and was a 2017 National Board Member for WIFS. Personally she has led annual holiday drives for her community’s deserving youth, is a current Teammates Mentor for our local school, and is an international speaker representing her beliefs about the future of leadership in our industry.