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Charitable giving

Shifting Gears? Rising Rates and Legacy Planning.

Topics: Charitable giving, Charitable remainder trust, Estate planning

The WRMarketplace is created exclusively for AALU members by experts at Baker Hostetler LLP and the AALU staff, led by Jonathan M. Forster, Partner, Rebecca S. Manicone, Partner, and Carmela T. Montesano, Partner. WR Marketplace #19-03 was written by Jennifer M. Smith, Counsel, Baker Hostetler LLP. The AALU WR Newswire and WR Marketplace are published…

Protecting Your Charitable Deduction – The IRS Issues Final Guidance.

Topics: Charitable giving, Estate planning, Trusts

To support and encourage charitable giving, the Internal Revenue Code (“Code”) provides an income tax deduction for contributions to qualified charities. After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (“Tax Act”), this is one of the only substantial deductions left to wealthier taxpayers. However, the substantiation rules for claiming this income tax deduction are…

Feeling Charitable The IRS May Not Be When It Comes to Your Deductions – 5 Things to Know.

Topics: Charitable giving, Estate planning, IRS, Regulation

To support and incentivize charitable giving, the Internal Revenue Code (“Code”) provides an income tax deduction for contributions to qualified charities. The substantiation requirements for claiming the income tax deduction for charitable donations, however, are numerous and complex, especially for non-cash gifts.

Private Foundations or Donor Advised Funds

Topics: Charitable giving, Estate planning

Lifetime philanthropic gifts have substantial appeal for charitably-inclined clients who are incentivized by the desire to see the impact of their charitable plan during life while also receiving a charitable income tax deduction. The method for making these gifts, however, must be tailored to the client’s overall charitable goals. For clients that want to make…

Creating a Charitable Legacy- What to Know About Forming a Private Foundation.

Topics: Charitable giving, Estate planning

Private foundations can play an important part in achieving the philanthropic goals of the charitably-inclined. While expensive to form and maintain, private foundations create a lasting charitable legacy and can provide a family with a cohesive structure to engage in long-term charitable giving. As part of the formation process, a donor should carefully consider the…

Happy Holidays: A Few Simplified Charitable Giving Approaches Using Life Insurance

Topics: Charitable giving, Estate planning, General life insurance

Thursday, December 3, 2015WRM#15-44 The WRMarketplace is created exclusively for AALU Members by the AALU staff and Greenberg Traurig, one of the nation’s leading tax and wealth management law firms. The WRMarketplace provides deep insight into trends and events impacting the use of life insurance products, including key take-aways, for AALU members, clients and advisors.…


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