How to develop your personal brand

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5 Steps for cultivating a unique personal brand From the desk of Johnny Sandquist CEO & Founder, Three Crowns Copywriting & Marketing -June 16, 2021 A personal brand can seem like a mysterious, intangible thing at first glance. One of those “you’ll know what it is when you see it” kinds of things. But if…

PPP Loans – To Keep or Not to Keep

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We have increasingly heard questions from members about required certifications for the PPP, what disclosures there will be about PPP participation, and as a result, whether members or clients should take advantage of the safe harbor to return PPP funds which closes on May 14. In order to qualify for a PPP loan, the applicant…

SEC Says PPP Loans MAY Require Disclosure to Clients

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News You Can Use May 01, 2020 SEC Says PPP Loans MAY Require Disclosure to Clients Yesterday the SEC announced staff guidance relating to reporting obligations for investment advisory firms that receive a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan. The directive from SEC staff explains that “If the circumstances leading [an advisory firm] to seek a...