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Finseca Foundation CPBC

The Finseca Foundation Certified Professional Business Coach (CPBC) program certifies leaders in the financial security profession to assist their direct reports meet their full potential while developing and focusing on vision, mission, goals, values, and effective business practices.

Benefits of the Program

Whether your desire is to be more effective coaching those whom you lead or to explore the many facets of business coaching, this course is for you. Upon successful completion of the entire course, you will receive the CPBC designation.

To maintain the CPBC designation over the years, professional recertification through continuing education is required.

A series of seminars, learning opportunities, and collaboration with other professional coaches are available should you desire. You are encouraged to join the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA), at a special Finseca member rate, to further enhance your coaching career and to develop professional relationships among other business coaches.


This program is uniquely designed for executive, corporate, or field leaders in the financial security profession charged with guiding the efforts of direct or indirect reports. However, since business coaching is used in a variety of situations, this program meets the differing needs of many types of participants.


Digital sessions of the program are 4 days long from 10am-5pm each day.

Digital open enrollment is currently available for:

May 17 to 20
June 21 to 24
July 19 to 22
August 16 to 19
November 15 to 18

In-person sessions, 2 ½ day executive programs, and group registration options are also available.  Please reach out to [email protected] for additional details on these program offerings.

Coaching Fundamentals

+ Strategic Coaching Model 

+ Deliverables of Business Coaching

+ Leveraging Time, Relationships, and Expertise 

+ Group Coaching

+ Assessment Tools

+ Common Mistakes Business Coaches Make

+ Scheduling Fundamentals for Maximum Efficiency

+ Onboarding a New Client/Coachee



  1. Virtual | Finseca member
  2. Virtual | Non-member

Are you ready to bring the benefits of coaching to the team you lead?



Interested in joining the program or have any questions?

Email us at, [email protected].

The Finseca Foundation CPBC program is powered by DPC, LLC, and The PBCA, LLC

DPC, Diversified Professional Coaching LLC, was founded in 2020 by three business coaching professionals with a vision to help  others release ultimate potential by linking diversified professional coaches from many facets of business, government, and education with clients. DPC brings meaningful personal and professional development to business leaders, growing capacity to better serve global client communities through the coaching process.

The PBCA, Professional Business Coaches Alliance, was founded in 2005 as a professional community of business coaches. Whether an individual coach, member of a group of coaches, or adding/enhancing coaching for a business operation, the PBCA certifies coaches and provides ongoing access to current coaching tools, Professional Development, and the PBCA coaching community.