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Finseca Partners with NFP to Launch Enterprise Membership

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Coalition Says PRO Act Would Disrupt Consumer Access to Financial Services

Finseca is part of a coalition of trade associations working to halt the unintended negative impacts of  the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, a sweeping labor bill that would have serious implications for consumers’ access to insurance, investment, and retirement security solutions.

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Women’s Impact Program

The Finseca Women’s Impact Program is an intentionally designed, collaborative community that will address the disparity of women in the financial security profession. Participants will access curated content.

Join us and help activate the conversations and actions necessary to truly make a difference. Participation is open to all women in the financial security profession.

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Help Protect Our Families 2021 Campaign

The coronavirus crisis has emphasized this risk and financial vulnerabilities, and it is critical that our industry engage and educate Americans about the important role life insurance plays in a family’s financial security.

Finseca along with six U.S. life insurance trade associations announced they are pooling their resources to support the efforts of life insurers and financial security professionals as they help Americans get life insurance coverage and the certainty it provides at a time of great financial insecurity for many Americans.

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Forbes-SHOOK Financial Security Professional Rankings

This is not necessarily about coming up with uniform standards, but rather to elevate the best and brightest who are helping the public understand the need for a holistic plan that mitigates risk, and brings them financial security.”  – Marc Cadin

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Who we are

Together, we elevate our profession by serving the needs of our members. Together, we protect dreams and promote financial wellbeing for all. Together, we are Finseca. Together, we are the home of the top financial security professionals.

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Finseca convenes conversations on professional conduct, promotes the profession as a career opportunity, and advances diversity.

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Finseca educates, trains, and provides professionals with tools to succeed in a changing market that positions the profession to serve clients better.

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Finseca educates policy makers about the value of personalized, professional advice for helping Americans become more financially secure.

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Why Finseca?

We believe prosperity and financial security are at the heart of the American Dream. And you work every day to make that dream a reality for your clients. Today a lack of planning is making our work more essential than ever before. Finseca is here to serve you. Those who have built careers helping families and businesses prepare for the tomorrows they expect – and for those they don’t foresee.

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Member highlight

“Our work tends to be fairly collaborative internally. We plan goals as a firm and individually, and each mentor meets with their team on a quarterly basis at a minimum to track progress and keep the team members engaged and focused.”

Andrea L. Dykes
Howard Insurance

Member highlight

“The challenge is having clients understand there is a vast difference between someone just writing them policies and a professional life insurance planner who will ensure their needs and wants are being addressed in the most cost-efficient manner possible and will be with them over a long time.”

Franke Seneco
Seneco & Associates


Financial security defined

Financial security empowers oneself, relieves stress, enhances peace of mind, protects dreams, and provides individuals, families, and businesses with freedom.

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