Finseca’s New NY State Advocacy Affiliate

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Welcome to financial security for all

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When families are financially secure, they are ready for the unexpected

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Together, we will elevate the profession

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Together, we will accelerate the profession

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Together, we will advocate for the profession

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Who we are

Together, we are the leading voice in financial security. Together, we elevate our profession by serving the needs of our members. Together, we protect dreams and promote financial wellbeing for all. Together, we are Finseca. Together, we are financial security for all.

What we do


Finseca convenes conversations on professional conduct, promotes the profession as a career opportunity, and advances diversity.

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Finseca educates, trains, and provides professionals with tools to succeed in a changing market that positions the profession to serve clients better.

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Finseca educates policy makers about the value of personalized, professional advice for helping Americans become more financially secure.

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Why Finseca?

We believe prosperity and financial security are at the heart of the American Dream. And you work every day to make that dream a reality for your clients. Today a lack of planning is making our work more essential than ever before. Finseca is here to serve you. Those who have built careers helping families and businesses prepare for the tomorrows they expect – and for those they don’t foresee.

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Member highlight

“I think unifying the profession is incredibly important right now. The economy’s going through a rough time, social injustice is an important concern, a new election is coming up, tax rates could potentially go up. The country is facing so much right now. In the midst of all that, we need a strong voice to represent the profession.”

Rick Van Benschoten, CFP
CEO of Lenox Wealth Advisors

Member highlight

“We are in the relationship business. When we position our careers as opportunities to help people and deliver financial security, then we attract young people from all walks of life who are staking their careers on the chance to do good.”

Luis Chiappy, CFP, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF
Executive Vice President of Equitable Advisors – South Florida Branch 


Be a part of Finseca’s first PACTOBER

As we come together to chart our new path as Finseca, we will continue our most important traditions, like best-in-class advocacy and leadership development, to put more Americans on the path to financial security. This October, we will continue our tradition of PACTOBER, our annual PAC fundraising drive. Want to learn more about our goal of $100,000?

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