Founders are more than just the backbone of our organization. They are the leaders who have stepped up to unify our profession and ensure financial security for all. By providing the intellectual and financial capital necessary to design, develop and launch Finseca, Finseca Founders are ensuring that we have a lasting impact on the world around us.

We are forever grateful for your support.

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  • Jim Hebets
  • Shaun McDuffee
  • Mark Murphy
  • Mullin Barens Sanford (Kristi Barens, Peter Mullin)
  • Phillip C. Richards
  • Winged Keel (Aaron Abrahms, Rohit Dalmia, Marko Djuronovic, Brian Gartner, Campbell Gerrish, Vikash Haritwal, Chelsea Maeda, Mike Mingolelli, Eric Naison-Phillips, Barbara Novak, Matt Phillips, Alexander Tuff, Jeri Turley)
Champion members
  • Anthony Domino
  • Capital Strategies Group (David Byers, John Carter, Will Worrell)
  • Lindberg & Ripple (Anthony Pace, Carl Peterson, Nancy Shepard)
  • Nat Perlmutter
Leader members
  • Jamie Hebets
  • SALI (Jonas Katz, Tom Nieman)
  • Dr. Maurice B. Springer
Steward members
  • Michael James
Donor members
  • Baker & Hostetler, LLP
  • Jerry Borrowman
  • Aamir Chalisa
  • Luis Chiappy
  • Mayur Dalal
  • Robert Eichler
  • David Fritz
  • Laurence E. Herman
  • Michelle Hubert
  • Don Lippencott
  • Richard Maus
  • Larry Raymond
  • Ken Samuelson
  • Rick Van Benschoten
  • Paul Vignone
  • John Watson
Contributor members
  • Stanley Benfell
  • Raymond Bening
  • Stephen Burk
  • Gordon Hammond
  • Blair Jacobson
  • Jerry Lindberg
  • Jason Maples
  • Andy Meehan
  • Jeffrey Neeck
  • Michael Noland
  • Richard Plesha
  • Constantine Pihakis
  • John Qualy
  • Michael Rosenzweig
  • Robert L. Scharff
  • David Stertzer
  • Forrest Surles
  • Michael Thompson
  • Harold Unger
  • Russell Vandevelde
  • Brendan Walsh
  • Harry Hoopis
  • Pete Novak
  • Wayne Swenson

Founding partners
  • Crump
  • Equitable
  • One America
  • Pacific Life
  • Penn Mutual
  • Principal Financial Group
  • State Farm

Founding firms/agencies
  • Allied Wealth Partners (John Langdon, Marc DelGaudio)
  • Barnum Financial Group (Paul Blanco)
  • Blue Ocean Wealth Solutions (Frank Scalese)
  • Capital Financial Group (R. Timothy Sinks)
  • Capstone Financial (Scott Greenfield)
  • Capstone Partners Financial and Insurance Services, LLC (Andrew Moore)
  • Charter Oak Financial (Brendan Naughton, Brad Somma)
  • Coastal Wealth (Harris S. Fishman & Jeremy Straub)
  • Commonwealth Financial Group (Richard St. Jean)
  • CorePath Wealth Partners, LLC (Mark Bonnett)
  • Equitable Advisors – South Florida Branch (Luis Chiappy)
  • Equitable Advisors – Texas (Chris Noonan)
  • Fifth Avenue Financial (Michael Book)
  • Financial Partners of Upstate New York (Sam Terrazzino)
  • Foster Klima & Company, Inc. (Doug Flink)
  • Iron Horse Financial (JP Caswell)
  • Karr Barth Associates, Inc. (Tim Maguire)
  • Lee, Nolan & Koroghlian, LLC (George Koroghlian, Dominick Iorio, Adam Cherney)
  • Magnolia Wealth Strategies (Rich Schega)
  • MassMutual Capitol District (Joseph (Joe) Cantanucci)
  • MassMutual Carolinas (Tim Flanagan)
  • MassMutual Commonwealth (Kevin Paasch)
  • MassMutual Greater Houston (J.K. McAndrews)
  • MassMutual Greater Washington (George Kinigopoulos)
  • MassMutual Great Lakes (Manuel Amezcua)
  • MassMutual Miami (Luis (Wicho) Hernandez)
  • MassMutual New York State (Joe DiLeo)
  • MassMutual Northern California (Robert Fakhimi, Greg Cohn)
  • MassMutual Northwest (James (Jim) Sypher)
  • MassMutual Pittsburgh (Roman Matusz)
  • MassMutual Tri State (John Bucsek)
  • North Star Resource Group (Ed Deutschlander, Phil Richards, Dave Vasos)
  • Northeast Financial Network (Mike Salvatore)
  • Northwestern Mutual Greater New York (Paul Dodd)
  • Northwestern Mutual Washington (Leo Tucker)
  • Pacific Advisors (Kelly Kidwell)
  • Savage and Associates, Inc. (J.R. Toland)
  • Shoemaker Financial (Mac Jenkins)
  • Spectrum Financial Group (Patrick F. Thuecks)
  • The Bulfinch Group (Seth Medalie, Kevin Schneider, Thomas Harmon)
  • The Dollarhide Financial Group, INC (Jeff Dollarhide)
  • Wealth Advisory Group LLC (Adam Kaufman, Howard Elias, Amy Salo)
  • WestPoint Financial Group (Greg McRoberts)