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2021 could be a year of significant legislative tax changes. The potential effects of changing policies—everything from the estate tax to corporate and individual rate increases—could dramatically affect planning with your clients.

With 140 years of legislative experience, the Finseca team is here to bring you insights, perspective, and shareable content that will put you in the best position to be a more credible voice to help your clients make educated decisions about their financial security.

You Ask We Answer: Estate planning opportunities with expert Michael Fontanini

Federal tax changes are on the horizon. We may not know exactly which tax proposals will become law in 2021, but we do know now is the time to help your clients prepare. Ask Lion Street VP of Advanced Sales and Design, Michael Fontanini your questions via this online submission form by 11:59PM ET on April 15th, and get your answers via the Finseca Daily on Friday April 23.

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Latest news updates

March 29, 2021
Senate Democrats Push for Capital-Gains Tax at Death With $1 Million Exemption

> Get the details from The Wall Street Journal 

April 2, 2021
Challenges ahead as Biden pitches massive infrastructure plan to Capitol Hil
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April 3
Democratic governors urge Biden to remove SALT
> Get the details from The Hill

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