Financial security for all

As the home of the top financial security professionals, Finseca’s sole focus is on creating an environment that enables people to protect and enhance financial well-being — for themselves, their families, and their businesses. Simply put, financial security for all.

With nearly 6,000 members, Finseca represents and serves the entire financial security profession, regardless of role, marketplace, or experience. Finseca members provide life insurance and retirement planning solutions that protect the dreams and promote the prosperity of the American people.

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Americans are not well served by critics who promote one-size-fits-all approaches and diminish the value of financial security professionals as part of the solution. The profession’s voice on these issues with policy makers, consumers and media has been diffuse. Finseca will change the conversation to build trust in holistic financial planning using life insurance and annuities. We will convene conversations on professional conduct to support this goal, promote the profession as a career opportunity to attract new talent, and advance diversity, equity and inclusion to foster a professional community as diverse as the people we serve.

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Better financial security professionals will produce better results for more consumers and enable us to serve more people. Finseca will educate, train, and provide professionals with tools to succeed in a changing market, embracing technology and promoting consumer insights to advance the profession and its opportunities to serve clients better. Finseca members will also be able to expand their professional networking opportunities to drive career development and business-building for professionals in all segments of distribution and at all stages of their careers.

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The federal and state legislative and regulatory environment often makes it harder to help Americans protect and build a better future and access planning advice and solutions using life insurance and annuities. Finseca will unify the profession and raise our collective voices to advocate for effective public policy. Our advocacy agenda includes core tax treatment of life insurance, retirement policy, standards of conduct, and tackling the savings and liquidity crisis for American families. We will educate policy makers about the profession and the value of personalized professional advice for helping Americans become more financially secure.

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Financial empowerment for all, financial equality, and financial leadership is our mission. To reach these goals, our foundation must be strong and strategic. Through the Finseca Foundation, we will provide valuable research to help financial security professionals better serve the consumer, we will empower the consumer by providing resources to Americans that encourage financial literacy, and we will attract the next generation of top talent from diverse communities to better represent our profession and the consumers that rely on us every day.

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