The work of the Finseca Foundation — all of the research, all of the consumer education — will ensure that our profession is moving forward in an innovative, progressive way. That will, in turn, create better opportunities for financial security professionals and their businesses. It will sustain and cement the future of our profession.
Pillar One: Building Financial Empowerment

No matter their socioeconomic status, everyone should have access to financial education and be equipped to make thoughtful, strategic decisions when it comes to planning their financial futures. The Finseca Foundation will utilize research to develop a standard definition and measurement of consumers’ understanding of financial empowerment. From there, we will identify opportunities to promote financial equality for all and validate the important role that financial security professionals play in the lives of consumers and business owners.

Pillar Two: Growing the Profession
The second Finseca Foundation pillar is attracting new and highly capable talent to the profession. We will do that in a couple of ways. First, we’ll take an aggressive look at the structural impediments that are dissuading young talent from coming into the workforce. Second, we want to lead a deep conversation around inclusion and diversity. One of the things we’ve learned is that many professions are not necessarily as diverse as the clientele they want to represent. If we truly are going to stand for financial security for all, financial security professionals need to be as diverse as their clients.