NAIFA New York State Joins Finseca


NAIFA New York State Joins Finseca

New Affiliation Launches Finseca to Focus on State Advocacy, Building on Legacy of Success at Federal Level

WASHINGTON, D.C. – September 29, 2020 – Finseca – a newly-launched professional trade association formed through the merger of AALU and GAMA, which represents the financial security professionals across the United States – announced today an affiliation with NAIFA – New York State. NAIFA – NYS will align its strengths and focus with Finseca’s national reach to benefit the members of the financial security profession and the clients they serve.

“We are honored to join forces with the talented, incredible team at NAIFA – NYS at this critical time for our profession,” commented Marc Cadin, CEO of Finseca. “The economic disruption of COVID-19 means that more Americans need personalized support to protect their financial future. New York is the largest market for the life insurance industry in the United States, and a presence there is critical to representing the profession successfully.”

With this partnership, Finseca launches its state advocacy program to deepen its impact and ensure favorable policies that enable greater financial security for more American families. This effort builds on Finseca’s significant involvement and success with federal affairs.

“We know that an effective presence in front of state legislative and regulatory bodies is essential to represent the profession. The profession needs a new model based on a stronger and more effective state and federal collaboration,” continued Cadin.

NAIFA – NYS’ membership will automatically roll over to Finseca through the end of 2020. Members will be invited to renew in 2021. Finseca is committed to offering a seamless membership experience aimed at reducing dues for state members with a stronger benefits package, effective advocacy and greater integration between federal and state issues.

“The financial security profession is at a crossroads, and at a time of great economic turmoil, we need to work together to achieve results for our members and their clients,” said Phillip Held, President of NAIFA – NYS. “NAIFA – NYS’ Board voted today to take a critical step toward coming together to strengthen outcomes and drive the results on important policy issues. We believe that Finseca represents the future of the profession and we want be part of helping to shape that future.”

“We are excited about the opportunity to affiliate with Finseca to deliver more value to members of the profession in New York and around the country,” said Greg Serio, Executive Director of NAIFA – NYS.

“Finseca’s commitment to unifying the profession and bringing financial security is a winning combination. We look forward to our future together.”

Finseca’s Chair Kelly Kidwell said “Before we selected a name, a Board of Directors, or anything else for our new organization, we first embraced the cause of unifying the profession. Our profession is the key to delivering financial security but the organizations that represent us are too fractured and divided.  Our new affiliation with NAIFA NY is the first step in building out a state by state approach that will deliver more value and strengthen our advocacy efforts.”

About Finseca

At Finseca we know that financial security improves people’s lives and protects their livelihoods and future wellbeing. We are rising to the challenge of increasing financial security for all. Finseca represents the men and women of the financial security profession who dedicate themselves to delivering financial security to their clients every day. We are focused on three transformational pillars: Elevate the noble work of the financial security profession; Accelerate all professionals at any stage of their career in any marketplace, and Advocate for effective public policy that puts more people on the path to financial security. Finseca promotes the value and purpose of financial security professionals, unifies our voice, and broadens financial security to more communities and generations of Americans.

About NAIFA New York

The National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors-NYS (NAIFA-NYS) is the only organization that exclusively represents life insurance agents and financial advisors in New York— encouraging a strong marketplace, enhanced business and professional skills, and ethical conduct.

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