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NAILBA Certified Case Manager (NCCM)​

The NAILBA Case Manager Certification Program helps train and develop new case managers on the life insurance case management process while certifying existing case managers on the key skills, responsibilities, and best practices that are essential for their role. The program, which has been designed with a life insurance focus, is comprised of eight online learning modules with mastery quizzes for each module.​

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NAILBA’s Case Manager certification is meeting a need in the financial services industry for consistent training and continuing education for the case management community.

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Welcome to the Nailba Case Manager certification.

Certification Pricing

$995 – Member
$1,595 – Non-Member

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Welcome back to the Nailba Case Manager Certification! You can continue the program where you left off or sign up for a renewal course.

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NCCMs are required to renew their certification every two years (from the date of passing the final exam). To maintain the certification, NCCMs must complete four (4) continuing education courses designed for advanced case managers. These webinars will be 30-60 minutes in duration and are available on-demand.

Once the ongoing professional development requirement has been completed ($100), the NCCM renewal application fee to maintain the certification is $99. Total investment: $199.

If you’re an individual looking to renew, then enroll here. If you need help pulling up your account information, then email us at

Explore Individual Modules

Life Insurance Overview

  • Part I –The Purpose of Life Insurance
  • Part II – Term Insurance Products, Features, and Benefits
  • Part III – Permanent Insurance Products, Features, and Benefits
  • Part III – Permanent Insurance Products, Features, and Benefits Continued
  • Part IV – Riders, Living Benefits, and Policy Provisions
  • Part V – Life Insurance Analysis, Reviews, and Compensation

The Underwriting Process

  • Part I – Underwriting Basics
  • Part I – Underwriting Basics Continued
  • Part II – Risk/Rate Class Overview
  • Part III – Field Underwriting
  • Part III – Field Underwriting Continued 
  • Part IV – Navigating Underwriting Decisions and Reinsurance

The Role of the Brokerage General Agency (BGA)

  • The Role of the Brokerage General Agency (BGA)

Types of Case Submissions

  • Part I – Preparing the Application
  • Part II – Available Submission Methods

The Case Manager Role

  • Part I – Principal Responsibilities and Interactions
  • Part II – Skills, Personality Traits, and Performance Indicators

Case Management Requirements

  • Part I – Licensing, Contracting, and Commissions
  • Part II – Tracking and Documentation
  • Part III – The Right Practices for Success

Working with Advisors and Insurance Professionals

  • Part I – The Role of the Advisor
  • Part II – The Different Business Models
  • Part III – Fostering Advisor Relationships and Service

Regulatory Considerations

  • Part I – Insurance Regulators, Licensing and Continuing Education
  • Part II – Regulation 187 Best Interest (BI)
  • Part III – Regulation 60 and Anti-Money Laundering
  • PART IV – General Supervisory Requirements

What's Next?

The NAILBA Community is partnering with the Finseca Learning Team to provide you with new professional development designed exclusively for case managers. Topics will include Licensing, Underwriting, and Case Design. Stay tuned for more NAILBA certification!


Who is getting certified?

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  • American National
  • Ash Brokerage
  • The ASA Group
  • Berson Sokol Agency
  • Bitcoin
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  • Brokers Central
  • Brokers Clearing House
  • Brokers’ Service Marketing Group
  • BUA
  • BUI
  • The Cason Group
  • Cincinnati Life Insurance Company
  • Coastal Insurance Consulting
  • Colorado Brokerage Group
  • Collaborative Planning Group
  • CreativeOne
  • Crump
  • Diversified Brokerage Services
  • Dixon Wells
  • Duncan Advisor Resources
  • e4 Insurance Services
  • East & Ocean Producers Group
  • Element Insurance Partners
  • EMG Insurance Brokerage
  • Employee Pooling
  • Empire Insurance Brokerage
  • eNoah
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  • Georgetown Financial Group, Inc.
  • Hallett Financial Group
  • Highland Capital Brokerage
  • Independent Planners Group
  • Innovative Underwriters
  • InsMax Insurance Brokerage
  • Insurance Designers of America
  • The Insurance Partners
  • Insurance Technologies
  • iPipeline
  • Issue Insurance Agency
  • ISTA
  • Johan Inc.
  • John Hancock Insurance
  • KAFL Insurance Resources
  • Kansas City Life Insurance Company
  • KME Insurance Brokerage
  • Larry Gordon Agency
  • Life Brokerage Service Corp
  • Lifely
  • LifePro
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  • MassMutual
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  • The Milner Group
  • The National Benefit Corp
  • Northeast Brokerage
  • Optima Financial & Insurance Services
  • owR Opinion
  • The Palmer Agency
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  • Premier Marketing
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  • Valmark Financial Group


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