President Biden Signs 1.9 Trillion Dollar COVID Relief Legislation

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On Thursday afternoon, President Biden officially signed the American Rescue Act, a 1.9 trillion-dollar relief package aimed at getting the country through the hopefully final stages of the pandemic as vaccinations ramp up. Much of the big-ticket items have been well reported since their introduction by the President back in January. In addition to the…

PPP March Highlights

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By: Finseca Staff March 1 2021 If you or your clients have taken a PPP loan or are considering doing so before the program is scheduled to expire on March 31, read on. On Feb 25th CO by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce hosted a Small Business Town Hall with White House National Economic Council…

Finseca Policy Deep Dive 1.12.2021: Low Interest Rate Relief for Life Insurance, PPP and ERTC for Your Business and Clients

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Contained in the year end package were provisions of particular relevance for Finseca members and their clients, especially small businesses. Low Interest Rate Relief for Clients and Carriers with Update to Section 7702 of the Tax Code Access to permanent life insurance is an essential tool in developing financial security for people. Robust product availability…