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AALU/GAMA Memberships Approve Creation Of New Organization, New Board Of Directors

AALU/GAMA Memberships Approve Creation Of New Organization, New Board Of Directors

Washington, D.C. (February 18, 2020) – After announcing their intent to create a new organization in July 2019, AALU and GAMA International today announced each membership has overwhelmingly voted to approve the creation of the new organization and its first Board of Directors.

“Simply put, this is historic,” Marc Cadin, AALU president and CEO, said. “The overwhelming yes votes show just how much support there is for unifying the financial security profession. It is time to change the status quo, and now we can officially get started.”

“The members have spoken, and there is no doubt that creating this new organization is what our profession needs,” Bonnie Godsman, CEO of GAMA International, said. The amount of support we have seen not only in the vote, but also from the thousands of conversations we have had, has given us the momentum to make this possible. We have been steadfast in making this a reality, and now we have even more momentum to do so.

“We’d both like to give our sincerest thank you to our members,” Cadin and Godsman said. “This wouldn’t be possible without their support and commitment to this effort. This is just the beginning. Working together, we will enhance financial security by changing the way the profession is represented.”

AALU and GAMA announced on July 29, 2019, that they would be creating a new organization representing the financial security of the profession. After a membership vote on the movement, AALU and GAMA members approved the dissolution of each organization to create of the new organization and its governing body consisting of the new Board of Directors. Cadin will serve as CEO of the new organization, and Godsman will serve as president.

The new Directors include a diverse representation from both memberships with a strong variety of roles, markets, demographics, and experience. Kelly Kidwell, of Pacific Advisors, an agency of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, will serve as the incoming chair of the new organization, and Jeri Turley, of Winged Keel, an M Financial firm, will serve as chair-elect. The full list of officers and Directors can be found here.

The new organization will be the first of its kind, representing and serving the entire financial security profession. It will be built on the best of both AALU and GAMA with three pillars of best-in-class advocacy, leadership and professional development, and elevating the profession.

In the coming months, AALU and GAMA will announce the new organization’s name, host their annual meetings, LAMP and TRANSFORM, combine operations and memberships, and officially become one organization.

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