Biden’s Next $2 Trillion: What you need to know

Armstrong Robinson
Finseca Chief Advocacy Officer

Coverage of the President’s proposal is wall to wall. Here are the top 5 things you need to know.

  1. President Biden laid out a big picture vision and promised a second installment in a few weeks.
  2. The first installment of spending (roughly $2.25 trillion) is paired with significant additional taxes on corporations. Read the White House Fact Sheet for all the details.
  3. We expect the second installment to be of similar size and paired with significant additional taxes on individuals.
  4. The legislative strategy is still developing. Speaker Pelosi announced yesterday she intends to move the ‘infrastructure’ package through the House by July 4.
  5. The vote count will determine what becomes law. The House margin is 3 and the Senate margin is 0. Progressive and Moderate reaction is already pulling the package in opposite directions. Finseca Influencer members can see which way Finseca’s policy insiders believe the winds are blowing via the Finseca Policy Forecast distributed in Finseca Advanced Markets eNewsletter every other Thursday at 6pm ET.

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