Forum 400 Announces an Intent to Explore a Merger with Finseca

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 15, 2021) – Forum 400 announced today that its Board of Directors has voted to initiate a process to explore a merger with Finseca, creating a stronger community where the highest-performing life insurance advisors join the home of the top financial security professionals. This process is the culmination of an extensive due diligence process conducted by a task force of the Forum 400 current and Past Presidents in collaboration with Finseca’s leadership.

“Forum 400 is a unique community – one that we are 100% committed to preserving. Our task force recommended, and ultimately the Board of Directors approved, taking the work of the task force to our membership so that we have the benefit of everyone’s perspective and input before any final decisions are made. The Forum 400 task force believes that Finseca is the perfect fit that will help us deliver greater value, more effectively so that we can grow our membership,” said Vince D’Addona, Board President of Forum 400. “Finseca’s commitment to re-unifying the profession is inspiring, and we are honored to be a part of that effort.”

“Forum 400 has a very strong value proposition, one that fits perfectly into Finseca’s vision and business model,” said Kelly Kidwell, Past Chair of Finseca. “I look forward to continuing the extensive discussions that we have had with the leadership of Forum 400 with our respective memberships, so that we can continue our efforts to reunify the profession and advance the cause of Financial Security for All.“

“We are humbled by the overwhelming support we’re seeing from the profession and encourage others to join our movement,” said Marc Cadin, CEO of Finseca. “The work being done by Finseca to reunify the profession so that we can advance financial security for all is more important than ever.“

Media Contact: Maggie Seidel – (c) 202-718-7774 | [email protected]

About Finseca
At Finseca, we know that financial security improves people’s lives and protects their livelihoods and future wellbeing. We are rising to the challenge of increasing financial security for all. Finseca represents the men and women of the financial security profession who dedicate themselves to delivering financial security to their clients every day. We are focused on three transformational pillars: Elevate the noble work of the financial security profession; Accelerate professionals at any stage of their career in any marketplace, and Advocate effective public policy that puts more people on the path to financial security. Finseca promotes the value and purpose of financial security professionals, unifies our voice, and broadens financial security to more communities and generations of Americans.

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Forum 400 is an exclusive community that brings together the highest-performing life insurance producers to openly share practical strategies and fresh ideas to positively impact client outcomes and remain at the top of the field.
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