Awards and recognition

Excellence. This profession is committed to it and a special legacy publication recognizes the firms, agencies, and managers achieving a level of excellence that distinguishes them from their colleagues.

These firms, agencies, and managers have challenged themselves, their colleagues, and the status quo. Challenging the status quo often leads to transformational change. Apply today or learn more!

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Leadership Awards

Master Agency/Firm Award

Master Agency Awards are given to an agency head that is an active Finseca member at a firm with at least $7,800,000 USD in commission levels or $15,600,000 USD in premium levels during the previous year.

Master Multiline Award

The Master Multiline Award is given to an agency head that is an active Finseca member with an agency or firm that achieved at least $300,000 USD in gross life and annuity premiums and at least $10,000,000 USD in gross property and casualty premiums during the previous year.

International Management Award

The International Management Award recognizes achievements of first-line managers and frontline or second-or middle-line managers. All qualifiers must be active Finseca members and must personally supervise full-time career agents, advisors, or sales representatives.

Frontline Leader Award

The Frontline Leader Award recognizes frontline managers, such as unit, division, or district managers who have direct responsibility for a portion of an agency or firm. All qualifiers must be current Finseca members.

Recruiting Specialist Award

The Recruiting Specialist Award recognizes those individuals serving in an agency or firm who through outstanding performance contribute to increased retention and productivity. You must be an active Finseca member to qualify.

You compete every day and deserve to be  recognized

Finseca’s prestigious Leadership Awards recognize excellence in traditional and contemporary field management throughout the insurance, investment, and financial security profession.

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Special Recognition Awards

Management Hall of Fame

Induction into the Management Hall of Fame recognize an individual field leader whose professional career has been spent building a field organization and serving the industry. The prestigious award is presented to one individual annually.

Front-line Excellence Award

The Brian H. Early Front-line Excellence Award, recognizes field leaders who have shown exemplary performance in their current front-line positions and are considered to be emerging leaders in their companies.

First In Class Award

The James Krueger First In Class Award recognizes first-line leaders in the insurance, investment, and financial services industry who have led their agencies or firms to the number one position in their company during the preceding year.

Transformer Awards

The Transformer awards are presented to individuals who are transforming the profession through leadership, community, responsibility, diversity, and results in three categories: industry leaders, innovators, and rising stars.

Volunteer Awards

Volunteers provide the intellectual capital and strategic insight needed to effectively guide the organization. Each year, select volunteers are recognized for their support throughout the year.